Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LED Lighting-The Future Environment Trend-2 :Bill Saving

Here, i would like to share some info about LED LAMP. Today LED technology keep improving and one of the greatest invention is LED LAMP application. Take an example of Xbrand LED LAMP-9W. Up to date, LED LAMP is achieving as high as 90lumen/watt or total of 810lumens brightness. However, if we intend to compare our conventional fluorescent tubes, the efficacy of conventional fluorescent tubes is fairly poor. It is about 16 lumens per watt for a 4 watt tube with an ordinary ballast. For high end series of fluorescent such as 32 watt tube with modern electronic ballast, it capable to achieve at the range of 50 to 67 lm/W

If the efficacy of the fluorescent is 16lumes/watt, 40W fluorescent only produce about 640 lumens, which is less brighter compared to LED LAMP.

Replacing the existing lightings facilities that required 24 hours lightings such as 7-eleven, Mid Valley Car parks, the saving of electricity bills are very significant. Let us to do some simple calculation. If we have 10,000 units lightings in our facility, we need to pay about RM1.565Million per year for our electricity bills compared to RM313,000 per year if we replacing all Lightings using LED LAMPS. Therefore, more than 80% saving in our electricity bills annually translate to more attractive Return of Investment for those who willing invest in retrofitting their facility with GREENER LIGHTHING (LED LAMP)

Another good point of LED LAMP, it is free from mercury!!

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