Saturday, July 10, 2010

LED Lightings-The Future Green Environment Trend-1

Today, the technology in lighting is so sophisticated and environmentally friendly.It capable of  producing better brightness (measure in Lumens) compared to our grandfather days with less power consumption (watt). Just take a look the brightness of Incandenscent Lamp (or Bulb) as shown as below. The Incandescent lamp is the most inefficient mode of ligting .More 80% of energy is wasted via heat. Just imaging yourself touching a running incandescent lamp, i bet your finger wouldn't last for 3min. It is very "hot" and burning.But the brightness is so poor.Well,according to the manufacturer data, it produces only 10-15Lm/ per watt 

Next, how about our energy compact  lamp or compact fluorenscent lamp (CFL)? This technology is better compared to Incandescent lamp in term of brightness and power consumption. The average brigtness for a typical CFL is about 40-50Lm per watt.
Lately, I found a newly invent  LED from Taiwan. This LED lamp technology is excellence in the perspective of brightness and power consumption. LED produces 90Lm/W equivalent to 2 pieces of compact fluorenscent lamp (CFL) or 9 pieces for incandescent Lamp for the same brightness.
Pls stay with my blog for the next part of the benefits of  LED lamp such as issue addressing to the electricity bills  & design life span of the LED lamp.

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