Monday, July 26, 2010

Savings in Electricity Bill per month for BIPV (Solar) system installed

Calculation for Savings in Electricity Bill Per month for Bulding Integrated PhotoVoltaics(BIPV) system (Residential)

Let say your monthly electricity bill consumption is about 1500kwh (units)......
If your residential plan to install 3.00kwp PV.The PV able to produce approximately 275kWh and total electricity usage from TNB is reduced to 1225kWh and the saving in electricity bill permonth is around RM122.64

You can try and estimate your electricity bill saving  at below download link.:-)

Calculation  for saving in electricity per month for BIPV System Installed (Residential)
More than 400kWh per month electricity consumption
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  1. avoid from wasting this useful energy.

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