Tuesday, July 27, 2010

symposium on Energy & Green Technology – Hydrogen & Fuel Cell

Dear Green Energy Lovers,

The rapid economic growth and the threat of climate change have given rise to an upsurge in the development of renewable and efficient energy recovery systems including renewable sources of energy (solar energy and biodiesel), management of efficient energy conversion processes (heat pipes, thermoelectric devices, heat pumps, drying, hydrogen and fuel cell technology) and efficient solid waste management for sustainable resources management and improved economic and social situation.

On the global scale, studies on natural and anthropogenic changes in past and projected climate change such as Monsoons and El Nino which affect the weather and climate in the South-East-Asia-Australia region in significant ways have increased. On the microscopic scale, studies on the environment in bioreactors for culturing of mammalian cells have been encouraged to develop suitable in-vitro conditions for the production of functional tissues.
The conventional mechanical design is centered on improving the efficiency by increasing the strength and reducing cost. For sustainable development, various novel design methodologies including utilization of green technology and consideration of environmental impact, such as energy consumption and carbon footprint for products, life cycle assessment (LOA) and life extension of ageing structures, etc. have gained popularity.

With pleasure, NUMIT would like to invite you for a symposium on Energy & Green Technology – Hydrogen & Fuel Cell as below:

Date: 24th November 2010
Venue: Monash University
The dateline for abstract submission has been exetended to 16 Aug 2010.

Please send your information to us by email to enquiry@numit.com.my with the following particular and we shall response to you immediately:

1. Name
2. Designation
3. Organization
4. Department
5. Address
6. Mobile
7. Office Contact
8. Fax
9. Email
10. Area of Interest

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