Friday, May 6, 2011

Metrojaya launches 'Go-Green' campaign

Metrojaya Department Stores Sdn Bhd today launched a "Go-Green" nature conservation campaign which will go on until June 30.

"Metrojaya has always strived to be a leading and caring retail group of companies in all that we do, and this obviously extends to caring for the environment.

"We believe that our role as a corporate citizen is to support the government's effort to promote green technology," Metrojaya Executive Director Pel Loh told reporters after the launch of the campaign.

During the campaign period, Metrojaya will highlight products that are eco-friendly. Over 20 per cent of the products in Metrojaya are going green.

In conjunction with the campaign, Metrojaya is giving away a Lithium-lon powered motorbike, sponsored by Eclimo, as a prize for the Go-Green contest.

To participate in the contest, customers have to purchase items worth up to RM100 in any of the seven Metrojaya outlets. -- Bernama

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