Monday, May 16, 2011

Prius Balik Kampung: Prius's mileage Performance on RON95

In view of high fuel prices cause majority of car users from demand of RON 97 to drop to RON 95.

RON97 price is escalating based on global crude oil prices, up to date it costs Malaysian about RM2.90 per litre.

So, no surprise that majority of car owners in Malaysia are shifting from RON97 to RON95 for their daily use.

As Prius user, I really want to know how is the fuel affects performance of Toyota Prius if it is running on RON95?

Based on Toyota Prius manual,
Prius minimum fuel requirement is RON95..So there is no harm for Prius to run on RON95.

The performance of RON95 on Toyota Prius is moderate based on our recent findings.

Recently, my friend tested RON95 . He was able to cover 700KM for 35litre fuel( 35x RM1.90/litre = RM66.50 ) compared to RON97 is about 800KM for similar capacity.

For 35 litre of RON97 costs you as high as RM101.50.

Conclusion :

RON 95-Toyota Prius spent approximately RM0.095 for 1 KM

RON97 –Toyota Prius spent approximately RM0.127 for 1KM

Photo shows:

Sleeping Buddha at Cabang Empat, near Pengkalan Kubur, Kelantan (Malaysia)

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