Saturday, May 14, 2011

TS Solar banks on tie-up with China's Himin

KUALA LUMPUR: TS Solar Energy Sdn Bhd (TS Solar), a new player in the renewable solar energy sector, is banking on its strategic partnership with China's Himin Solar Energy Co Ltd (Himin Solar) to take it to the next level in the country's renewable energy sector.

Executive director Sam Oh Yung Sim said the company's vision is to become one of the leading solar and photovoltaic (PV) solution providers in Malaysia within the next five years.

"Through our offerings, we intend to help businesses save on energy costs and in the process, increase their revenue and combat global warning," he said at the signing of a distribution agreement between TS Solar and Himin Solar here yesterday.

He added that the company will initially work closely with Himin Solar, focusing on commercial projects that will require more than just the supply and installation of solar and PV products.

Speaking to reporters later, Oh said the company can provide immediate and good services to the local market through its partnership with Himin Solar, China's largest solar enterprise.

"We are actually working with a very good and reliable partner from China. So in terms of technology and support services, we are very confident that we can provide good services immediately to the market.

"They (Himin Solar) have technology lab samples, solar developer and own so-called Solar valley, which means we actually would be able to provide immediate services to our business partners, developers and even government agencies, like city councils who are interested to implement this concept (renewable energy)."

On the local front, Oh said TS Solar is excited to be part of this growing green sector that is helping the country migrate from its reliance on finite supplies of oil and gas to renewable sources, such as solar power, so as to ensure maximum diversity and sustainability of its ecosystems.

The government's commitment to developing renewable energy in a more aggressive manner is reflected in the recent passing of the Renewable Energy Act 2011 in Parliament.

"I am confident and positive that with the government's backing, the renewable energy sector will certainly grow by leaps and bounds," he said.

Himin Solar chairman Huang Ming said Malaysians should not wait for the policy to be enforced and start implementing this renewable energy or green technology.

"We must not wait for the policy. We must begin our first step, not only for the industry, but also the utility and the public," he said.

Huang, a petroleum engineer turned crusader against the use of fossil fuels, has been instrumental in the implementation of the Law of Renewable Energy in China since 2006.

Prior to the implementation of the law, he had been championing the use of renewable energy, particularly solar and wind power in China.

Huang developed an ambitious "Solar Valley", which he envisioned to be a Silicon Valley-like project in Shandong province, by creating a hub for the entire renewable energy industry in China.

He said Himin Solar sees Malaysia as the ideal choice for the company to promote its "Solar valley" as well as other solar energy products and solutions to the other countries in Southeast Asia.

"Malaysia has become the business centre in Southeast Asia and is the most safest country in terms of security. So for business, it is the best choice I think," he added.


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