Monday, May 23, 2011

Power optimization will reduce the electricity consumed by Inverter based Washing Machine "

Photo: Inverter Washing Machine-Panasonic NA168VX2

You use less power or energy ( W or kWh ) with state of art inverter based washing machine, if you do so, TNB can ensure that the supply of electricity to your house and neighbors is reliable, while at the same time minimizing the amount of electricity wasted during transmission, if not supply utility has to transmit more power than is needed. Sadly, that means we experience line losses as a waste, burns more fuels unnecessarily, and also you end up paying more electricity bill! Besides that supply utility needs to upgrade the system just for power user to waste!

Conventional washing machine like early or late 1990 model, consumes continuous power of 380W ~ 400W @ 240V, and don't forget starting current between 6 ~ 10 times!

Lately, I tested Inverter based Panasonic washing, Model: NA168VX2

Data shows machine operating at 15 minutes, with rapid mode for light loads washing.

Starting Current:

Virtually nil, as current gradually increases between 16W ~ 140W

Final wash spinning at 800 RPM speed with power consumption of  236W only

Energy Consumed: 0.015 unit or 0.015 kWh

Electricity per wash costs: 0.015 x 0.34 cents = 0.0051 cents

Final comment:

Super Save on electricity and water bill, plus delay in hike of electricity tariff just because we burn less fuels!


Do not put machine on standby mode, power consumes 0.5W! Off or unplug your machine when not in used.

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